Was This Photo Taken in Analogue or Digital? A New Feature On Lomography

2013-10-22 10

How can we be sure if a photo on Lomography.com was taken using an analogue or digital camera? Do we trust our eyes, camera and film tags, the photographer’s categorization or is it sometimes just to close to tell? This has been a topic on Lomography for many years and now we are about to tackle this matter once and for all.

As a frequent shoutbox visitor or looking at comments on photos, you’ll probably come across the controversy that surrounds digital photos on Lomography. Especially when no camera and film tags are used, it is sometimes hard for us to tell which photo is analogue and which not.

From today on this will no longer be a problem. When you are looking at the photos in your LomoHome, you will now find that the photo description starts with either “This photo was shot on film” or “This photo was shot digitally”. This has been done automatically to all photos uploaded on Lomography by looking at the exif data of each of them. We know of course that scanners also save exif data but this is being filtered as much as possible.

Credits: imbaaa

For all future photos uploaded, or if your photo has been wrongly tagged as digital, we added the “Is this photo digital?” tagging option in the lab. So if your photo is analogue but has been labeled digital, you simply need to un-check this field for the photo. If you’re uploading a digital photo, please check this field and help us keep the distinction between analogue and digital photos clean on Lomography.

But we won’t stop there. Stay tuned for new ways to filter analogue and digital shots soon.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Why add digital photos here? There is a risk that this website will be used to store photos for free by a moltitude of digital photographer (like in Flickr) and after one or two years the digital photos will became the majority of all photos uploaded. This is an "analogue love" website, totally different from Flickr, Picasa and others. Don't ruin it, please...

  2. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    We didn't change anything there. This is clearly a place for analogue photography but still people were also uploading digital pictures in the past. So now it's just more clear if a picture is analogue or not :) I

  3. jvujnovi
    jvujnovi ·

    I wholeheartedly agree with sirio 174. This definitely is an analogue site and digital photos don't belong here (as if digital photographers don't have enough places to upload!) Still, if it helps identify what is analogue and what is not, it is very helpful. Perhaps some filter can be used so that if a picture is digital it is removed from the site.

  4. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·


  5. ophelia
    ophelia ·

    Yes but why? We are an analogue community. Is this really the exact place to upload digital pictures?
    Why Lomography is searching for digital photography lovers? Was really the future analogue? I feel bad about this situation. The problem is that we don't want to separate digital from analogue, we just don't understand why we have to see here digital photography. What about our rules? What about the tipster for "destroy" the film? What about experiments?
    I totally agree with @sirio174 this is a way to ruin this community.

  6. virginianin
    virginianin ·

    @ophelia e @sirio174 I'm agree with you. Why on Lomography community should be digital photos? It's a contradiction.

  7. troch
    troch ·

    I am adding my voice to those above who want to see this site stay analogue. If I wanted to look at everyone's digital pictures, I would be on flickr, not Lomography, which I joined precisely because it WAS devoted to analogue photography. Do you really think that the people who are trying to pass off their digital photos as analogue will admit that it is digital? I fear that this will only encourage the uploading of more digital photos.

  8. lupideeloop
    lupideeloop ·

    I think Lomography is today more a business (and maybe just a business)... You're selling now trick toys for digital photography... And sure you want to open the page to this kind of... clients?
    From long time ago I'm paying attention to the fact you sell toy cams as the Holgas much more expensive than antique cams so better constructed as minoritily sold at eBay. Your refurbished Zenits were much more expensive than to buy an average Zenit and to refurbish it in a local workshop... Wow!
    Maybe you did it better with the Lomo LC-A, still too expensive for such a camera.
    But now you want to add here digital photos, and it means to put up for sale the future of the film Photography just for a fistfull of bank notes...
    Finally, a digital fotographer don't need any toy to give his work a Lomo effect, they already have the Photoshop to do that...
    And of course the Lomographers are also still in time to fund new webs to express ourselves.

    In summary I think you have no learned the lesson from what happened with Kodak. It's really a pity.

  9. cheeso
    cheeso ·

    This is an analog photography site, so describing something as "shot on film" is redundant and unnecessary. Digital shots should be labelled "shot on digital" and should be posted on a sub-site. And I definitely hope not to see digital shots in the handpicked section, or winning competitions!

  10. mmxxmm
    mmxxmm ·

    I think all of the above posters have misunderstood the motive behind this change.
    Given the problem Lomography is trying to solve, I think they have come up with a good solution. Just because the database auto-identifies digital photos, does not in any way mean that the site is becoming digital. Even with this new functionality, I highly doubt digital shooters will use this site any more than they already do.

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