Landmarks From All Over the World Captured with the La Sardina

2013-10-22 1

What’s a travel album without a shot or two of your destination’s most famous landmark?

People travel for many reasons, but whatever those are, we can never be without our cameras. Most of the time we’re going to a place for the first time so we just have to have snapshots of almost everything – from the food we eat to the places we’re staying at and visiting, to selfies and random snapshots of people walking about. Of course, one unspoken rule of traveling is to also take photos of popular landmarks that you’ve previously seen only in the pages of travel books. How else do you claim that you’ve been to, say, London or Seoul if you have no photographic proof?

Looking at the travel photographs uploaded here on Lomography, we’ve come to realize that the La Sardina is a favorite among our globetrotting community members! A few of the places it has been to include Taiwan, Thailand, Egypt, and Spain! In this photo set, we’ll show you photos of some of the more familiar landmarks that can be seen across the globe taken with this camera. Can you identify any of these?

Credits: nerdlab, b0rn2b1ush, sami-san, antibiotyx, nishichauhan, yokekei, i_fung & kelvinchew

This month is dedicated to #MakingMemories with Lomography. Raid your attic, blow the dust off your photo albums, and share your favorite analogue memories with the world. Scan those photos and upload them to Lomography and your social media accounts, using the tags #MakingMemories and #Lomography. It’s time to celebrate the good old days through the magic of analogue photography!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your travel photos with us @nerdlab @b0rn2b1ush @sami-san @antibiotyx @nishichauhan @yokekei @i_fung @kelvinchew ! :)

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