Dreamy Autumn Snaps in Film By Owen Luther


In some parts of the world, the foliage has turned golden and the leaves have started falling, prompting photographers to start capturing the sights and colors identified with the season. If you’re looking for some awesome autumn photography to inspire you, then you’ll surely be delighted with Owen Luther’s fall snaps in film.

Autumn is a fascinating “in-between” season that ushers in the cooler weather and brings along a dashing display of colors. The lovely photos below, shot by Pennsylvania photographer Owen Luther with a Hassleblad 500 C/M, are not only nicely composed but also highlight the textures, hues, and visual delights that can only come with the fall season.

Photos by Owen Luther via The D Photo

Looking at the contrast, tones, and colors of his photos, it’s easy to see how Luther fell in love with film photography. On his preference for film over digital, he tells Diana Eftaiha of The D Photo :

“I do own and occasionally shoot with a DSLR, however it has seen very limited use since dusting off my 35mm and acquiring a medium format system just under two years ago. Aside from slowing the entire photographic process down which generally speaking results in better photography anyway, I prefer the tangible nature of film photography and all that comes along with it.”

Head to Owen Luther's Flickr Photostream to see more of his impressive film photography!

What about you, how is your fall photography coming along? Go on and share with us some of your best past and present autumn snaps by leaving a comment below!

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