Do-It-Yourself Splitzer For Your Experimental Lens


One of our Experimental Lens Kit testers, Adrian, got a little crafty and made his very own Splitzer to use with the Experimental Lens and a Micro 4/3 digital camera. It’s simple and easy – find how after the jump!

You don’t really need to buy anything, all you need are the following items:

  • the lens cap from your Experimental Lens Kit
  • a trusty cutter knife

The lens cap is made of soft plastic but make sure that your cutter knife is sharp enough to cut through it.

Simply cut half an arc out of your lens cap and you’re done! You just need to put it on your lens, shoot one frame, then turn the Splitzer around to shoot the other half of the image.

Want to shoot colorful sliced-and-diced photos? Before putting on the Splitzer, insert some color filters …

… and you can come up with these crazy shots!

Next tip: Learn how to shoot Multiple Exposures with your Micro 4/3 Camera

written by shhquiet on 2013-10-22 #gear #tutorials #splitzer #tipster #do-it-yourself #experimental-lens-tipster

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