A Rare, Antique Soviet Telephoto Lens Up For Sale on eBay for a Whopping $488,000.00

2013-10-22 2

Half a million bucks is a pretty hefty price even for an antique lens, don’t you think?

Photo via eBay

An eBay seller (dallsom) from Dallas, Texas is currently looking to sell what he claims is a “UNIQUE ANTIQUE 400mm AERIAL SPACE Lens LARGE FORMAT SPACE CRAFT AIR FORCE LENS” for a “Buy It Now” price of US $488,000.00. Judging from the earliest date on the item’s revision summary, it has been up for bidding possibly as far back as April this year.

According to the seller, the lens is in “very used, great shape” and is made of “non-corrosive advanced long lasting quality Cu alloy: brass or bronze.” Furthermore, the lens weighs 3,000 grams and supposedly “can be related to Zeiss’ World War II Luftwaffe lens, with a critically upgraded to coated precious glass.”

Note that the seller typed the description mostly in caps to emphasize the lens’ attributes, which you can read in full here.

Photos via eBay

However, owing possibly to the seller’s incredible claims, asking price, and refusal to provide more information and photos unless one’s an actual bidder, the sale was met by criticisms. Someone even called dallsom out and asserted that they personally own such lens “in FAR BETTER condition than yours and is valued at no more than £8000 (approx. $12000)”! To this, dallsom replied, “MUSEUM EXHIBITHISTORICAL RELICT… I DEVELOPED THIS PRODUCT FROM STRAY UNKNOWN LENS. Kind Regards, DALLSOM.”

Oddly enough, as pointed out by Petapixel, the same item is also up for sale at US $39,950.00 – by the same seller!

In any case, we strongly advise you to take this piece of news with a grain of salt. Better to be safe than sorry!

All information in this article were sourced from eBay and Petapixel.

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  1. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    The front element does look nice, but its not fast enough for that kind of budget ;)

  2. metobi
    metobi ·

    I'd rather like to see the photos this lens made...

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