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One of the most coveted cameras made by Fujifilm, the Natura S is a rare, high-end compact shooter sought after for its sleek design and amazingly fast lens. Find out more about this analogue gem in this installment of Lomopedia!

Introduced by Fujifilm in 2001, the beautiful Natura S is a 35mm compact film camera noted for its impressive glass — a 24mm f1.9 Fujinon Lens, something which is rare for a compact film camera. The Natura S also comes with other nifty features like fast autofocus, built-in flash, and NP mode for films with DX values of ISO 800 and above. Equip these features in a sleek light body, and you have a high-end analogue gem that is both light and lightning-fast.

The Natura S came in three official colors: Aqua, Rose, and Lavender. However, there were also editions in matt black, piano black, and piano white. Discontinued in 2006 and marketed only in Japan, the Natura S has become rather rare and expensive yet still coveted by many photographers and camera collectors around the world to this day.

Technical Specifications:

  • Using Film: 135 (35mm) rolls (DX mark)
  • Automatic: (DX system with) ISO50 ~ 3200
  • Screen Size: 35mm standard size (24mm × 36mm)
  • Lens: Super EBC Fujinon lens 7 6 groups F = 24mm, 1:1.9
  • Finder: 0.3x optical viewfinder; Darklines for AF target mark and close-up parallax correction; Exposure warning light
  • Autofocus: 0.4m ~ ∞; AF Lock
  • Exposure Control: ISO 100: EV7 (* 2) ~ 17 ISO 1600: EV7.5 (* 4.5) ~ 17; (* without flash)
  • NP Mode: With ISO1600 film loaded, allowa non-flash photography at night
  • Film Loading: Auto-loading
  • Film Rewind: Auto:rewind; Mid-roll rewind b
  • Flash: Charging time about 5 seconds; Auto mode / flash on mode / flash stop mode, Night Portrait / Red-eye reduction mode (after seven pre-flash, flash)
  • Flash Range (When using colour negative film): ISO 100: 0.4 ~ 4m; ISO 100: 0.4 ~ 8m; ISO 100: 0.4 ~ 12m; ISO 100: 0.4 ~ 16m*
  • Electronic Timer: 10S, with self-timer lamp
  • LCD Display: Frame counter (countdown); NP self-timer mode, flash mode / date battery charging mode, flash mode, focus backlit remote control
  • Exposure Compensation: +/-2 EV in 1/2 stops
  • Power: One CR2 lithium battery
  • Other Features: Remote control, 1/4" tripod screw hole, Date function
  • Size: 109.5 × 58.0 × 37.0mm (excluding protrusions)
  • Mass: 195g without battery
Credits: gauthierdumonde

All information for this article were sourced from Japan Camera Hunter, Camerapedia, and Cameraquest.

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