Quentin Tarantino on Digital vs Film


Yes, we know that the topic has been discussed endless times already, but it’s not everyday that an award-winning director shares his insight on the great film/digital debate!

While Tarantino is referring to film vs. digital in the movies in this video, the insights he shares still hold true for our preferred medium. His comments on the ‘magic’ of film and the soul it possesses is simply spot on. There’s just something special in capturing something and imprinting the image in cellulose through the magic of light and chemistry.

Do you agree with the acclaimed director’s observations? Let us know in the comments below!

written by cruzron on 2013-10-21 #videos #quentin-tarantino #film #digital #lifestyle

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  1. deathcatzombie
    deathcatzombie ·

    I feel the magic everytime I make my own prints and I cant wait to get my super 8 camera going.

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