Pilipinas: Ilocos Norte


Ilocos Norte is located almost the tip of the Philippines. It is considered one of the most famous destinations in the Ilocos Region.

The bird’s eye view of Burgos Lighthouse and Museum; the amazing display of Bangui GO-GREEN windmills; Maharlika highway’s stretch that traces the edge of the Philippine borders; Refrigerator-cold waters of Kabigan Falls and it’s “protectors”; Bantay Abot Cave’s sun-shade offer. These places made Ilocos Norte a must see and one of the top destinations in the Philippines.

Take a hotel at the resorts of Pagudpud. It’s either you’ll take a 14-hour bus ride coming from Manila or land your flight at Laoag City and take a 2-hour bus ride to go to Pagudpud. You will get lost here because people here are friendly and hospitable. When you arrive at the “clam” monumennt of Pagudpud, tricycle drivers/tour guides will offer you a ride to your resort or hotel. These drivers/tour guides will also be your bearings to get to the known places that I mentioned earlier. Be sure to tell your guide to take you to these places at around 8am or earlier to enjoy the trip. Be sure to bring your sunblock!

Don’t forget to feel the history, view and construction of Burgos Lighthouse. I suggest to take more time in Kabigan Falls because the place is great the reflective. The way to Bangui windmills is what I envy to locals most, it’s a narrow off-road, beautiful green river at the right side of the road and simple houses of locals at the left.

North of Pagudpud will bring you to Bantay Abot Cave. Also a great place to sit and enjoy the view inside the hole! Your guide will drop you to Maharlika Highway to experience the stretch, the guide will drop you right beside the abandoned ship!

This has a great beach, view, people and destinations. I want to go back there. Try and enjoy Ilocos Norte!

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    great place and shots, congrats

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    ah, pilipinas.. ^^ i went there too last year, but too bad i still dont have a lomo cam at that time. i agree, going there from manila does take 14hrs. but as soon as you're there.. paradise! it's worth the trip! love your shots, especially the lighthouse.

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    Great photos!

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    lomographer was here

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