Monday Moodboard: Writer’s Block


It’s a common thing to have when you’re up to your neck in your writing assignments. Every writer has this every now and then. Good thing there’s a way over the slump.

The thing is, it’s not only in writing that you can experience this. You’re just looking for your muse to come in your sleep and be reinvigorated with the ideas you need to get your work going. I had worse episodes back then. I couldn’t, for the life of me, write until I do something or get something to eat or drink. There came a time that I had to wear a hat or drink alcohol just to get something going. I’m weird like that and sometimes, you just have to do something about it. Also, Hemingway was a driving force to the saying “Write drunk. Edit sober.” I’m no Hemingway.

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I remember reading a story in Garry Kilworth’s book “Songbirds of Pain.” The story was titled “Scarlet Fever.” It was about a writer who wasn’t contented with whatever material he had during his career as a writer. The story is told through the eyes of his lover who had this amazing fascination about him. He was determined to create his masterpiece even at the expense of his life. The lead character took a vial of liquid containing strains of scarlatina or scarlet fever to induce hallucinations and creativity in his work. He got the masterpiece he was looking for, alright; but at a great cost.

I miss reading and actually finishing books and not just mere stories. I can say that I draw my inspiration from what I read and it helps a lot in work. Though I never really went to the school library when I was in college. It’s a confession that I am always embarrassed about. I should have made sure I got my fill of the library fees I paid in school.

It was a pursuit for creativity and maybe vanity. It’s not a good thing to suggest to people having the blues in their bouts to find their muse. You can’t force it, it just comes to you. And when it does, you better be holding a pen and paper, brush and canvas, camera and film and be ready to create away. Sometimes you just have to wait it out or give it a kick to the gut and see if anything comes out.

It feels good to write about it. It got the juice flowing.

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