Making Memories: Going on a School Trip

2013-10-22 1

I packed my LC-A during one school trip. Check out the pictures I took!

We recently had a school trip for one of our classes where we had to visit Bantayog ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Monument). The place honors the martyrs who fought and died during the rule of former president Ferdinand Marcos. I decided to take my LC-A with me to snap photographs.

Here’s my favorite photograph I took during the trip. I thought it was beautiful.

Credits: in-the-sky

Here is the same monument from another angle.

Credits: in-the-sky

I really loved how the place looks like!

Credits: in-the-sky

And these are my friends fooling around.

Credits: in-the-sky

Some students are paying attention to the tour guide, while some would rather pose for my camera.

Credits: in-the-sky

There is always a time for taking selfies with friends.

Credits: in-the-sky

I have a classmate who is also fascinated with film cameras, so he borrowed my camera to snap a picture.

And I decided to be in it.

Now it’s his turn to be in the picture.

Credits: in-the-sky

This is my favorite spot.

Credits: in-the-sky

I found my friend sitting on the steps so I thought it would make a lovely photograph.

And I was right!

On her right is the Wall of Remembrance, a structure constructed with granite, which contains the roster of heroes and martyrs during the rule of Marcos. It serves as the centerpiece of the whole complex. It lists 207 names of various people from students to soldiers.

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Nice photos. I didn't know there was a monument to those that were against Marcos. Glad to hear that.

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