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The Diana F+ is the queen of Lomography cameras, with its dreamy, soft-focus images and exquisite vignettes. A remnant of the 60’s, this iconic camera has taken the world by storm, one generation at a time. Read on for the community’s take on this classic camera in this week’s edition of Reviews on Rewind!

Photo by aoifeodwyer

Love is in the air: A Diana F+ Love Letters Review by aoifeodwyer

I have had this camera for more than 6 months now and I’m happy to say the fabric looks good as new (as you can see for yourself in the pictures.) Whether this is down to luck or some kind of Lomography magic fabric, I don’t know. I just love my Diana F+ Love Letters!

Credits: jaybees80

My review of the Diana F+ Tori Amos Edition by jaybees80

I believe this is what attracted me the most with the Diana F+ and the music of Tori Amos. In a way, the music of Tori Amos has always allowed me to escape from reality. I often think of this picture of her debut album where she is pictured in a box. Sometimes I wish I had a similar same box to get away from it all. In a sense, this Diana F+ Tori Amos edition is that box at my fingertips.

Photo by in-the-sky

Discovering the Quirks of Analogue Photography with Diana F+ Metropolis by in-the-sky

I have no regrets in buying the Diana as my first camera. It’s very flexible since you can always add on some accessories. You can swap the back to shoot in other formats, namely 35mm and instant. The number of different lenses available is also overwhelming. In a single camera, you can shoot fisheye, wide-angle, macro—you name it!

Credits: headlock

A Solemn Vow to my Diana F+ by headlock

In hindsight, I regret not having the initial patience for the camera and giving it the love and attention it actually deserves. But I promise you here and now, with all of you as my witnesses, I’m going to give it some more special attention. And you will see much better results. I hope…

Photo by guanatos

Diana F+ CMYK: Powerful Pastel Colours by guanatos

If you are thinking of buying a Diana F+ clon that gives a little color to your lomo-walks, Diana F+ CMYK is a great option.

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