Taking Back Tipsters: The Diana Mini


The Diana Mini has all the amazing characteristics we all love from the classic Diana+, but in a smaller body and a more accessible film format. Here are a couple of Tipsters from the community for you to maximize your Diana Mini experience!

What the Diana Mini lacks in size, she makes up with her gorgeous results! If you’re a fan of the Diana+’s square format and dreamy images but love the 35mm film format, then this baby is for you. We look back at some tips the community has shared for the Diana Mini in this week’s Taking Back Tipsters. Have a look!

Photo by by philip0723

How to Never Lose Your Diana F+ or Diana Mini Lens Cap by philip0723

Having trouble securing the Diana Mini’s lens cap? Make sure it never goes missing again with this little mod.

Photo by jess-moyle1

Decorate Your Diana Mini for Summer by jess-moyle1

Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your lovely Diana Mini! Add some fun looking flowers on your camera to make your subjects smile even more.

Photo by jutei

Camera Modification Tips – Filters to Diana Mini by
by jutei

How to Make a Splitzer for 52mm Filter Thread by jutei

52mm photography filters are easily accessible but doesn’t fit the Diana Mini. That doesn’t stop our crafty Tipsters from modding it into a cool accessory! With this mod, you can use neutral density filters, circular polarizers, and even fashion a splitzer of your own!

Photo by jutei

Diana Mini Film Reminder by jutei

Is your age getting the better of you and you keep on forgetting which film you loaded into your Diana Mini? Never get confused again with this soft reminder!

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