Whimsical Illustrations by Simon Vaeth


Danish illustrator Simon Vaeth’s work brings to mind those drawings in fairy tale books we read as kids.

Copenhagen-based Vaeth graduated with an MA in Illustration at the Kolding School of Design in 2010. He’s a freelance illustrator and graphic artist, and his works have appeared as live visuals, magazine illustrations, cover art, book illustrations, and flyers. Vaeth says he’s interested in linocut printmaking the most, which is, as defined by the Oxford University Press via the Museum of Modern Art, a “type of relief print in which linoleum is used as the printing surface.”

Vaeth says that his inspiration “is a mixture of many different sources,” but made special mention of old European folk art.

Photos via Simon Vaeth’s official website

In describing his work, Vaeth writes, “My own work is graphic and often like the old folk art ‘flat’ and naive, but also mixed with more modern elements.”

All information in this article were taken from Simon Vaeth’s official website, where you can also view more of his works.

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