Around the World on Purple Days: Everyday Purple Scenes with the LomoChrome Purple


We take photographs of things and places we want to remember. It signifies that it is indeed special for us. But what about the everyday things we see? Aren’t they special in their own little ways as well?

The little things give us the small victories in life. Whether it’s being amazed by how much you can learn from a small piece of paper or the grocer in your neighborhood that’s always waving at you in the morning. These are things that we should also cherish. Sights and moments don’t always seem that beautiful only until we focus our eyes and lenses on them.

In this series of photographs from the community, the world is shown in the rich deep tones and colors of purple. Everything seems to be exactly where they need to be and the amazing effect of the LomoChrome Purple brings out the extra special look in them. These are moments or times that we somehow take for granted and yet, they make such good memories for us in return. Save some glory for the little guys!

Credits: paolo_dw, guanatos, alexaouaoua, ihave2pillows, herbert-4, lauratja, aldaer, maria_vlachou, fruchtzwerg_hh, triky76, adash, wilsyl, gatokinetik-o, jutei & sweetyyydreams

See more amazing LomoChrome Purple photographs from the community and be amazed at how a simple splash of color can give the term “ordinary” an extra kick.

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written by cheeo on 2013-10-18 #lifestyle #purple #lomochrome-purple #everyday-scene

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