Wacky Portraits Taken Using the Lomography Experimental Fisheye Lens


Fun and often wacky fisheye portraits have become staple shots for us lomographers, and with the introduction of the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, digital snappers can join in the fun, too! Read on to take a look at some wacky portraits taken using a micro four thirds camera equipped with the Fisheye Lens that comes with the kit!

If Lomography’s new Experimental Lens Kit for digital micro 4/3 cameras got you wondering about the snaps you can get using the kit’s Fisheye Lens, allow us to satisfy your curiosity! In the gallery below, you will find some nice examples of the wacky portraits rendered in cool circular distortion taken using the fisheye lens from the Lens Kit. Now, our digital-snapping friends can join in the crazy fisheye fun and more with these brand new dedicated lenses!

Want to know more about Lomography’s newest lenses? Allow us to introduce you to the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit and show you how to equip these lenses onto your micro 4/3 camera!

Satisfy your hunger for creative snap-shooting with the == Lomography Experimental Lens Kit.== This lens pack is compatible with all Micro 4/3 digital cameras and comes with three lenses: standard 24mm, wide-angle 12mm and fisheye. This super creative lens kit will let you take wide-angle, fisheye, and multiple exposure shots, delight in exciting photographic effects and tint your images with color filters. View the Experimental Lens Kit Site or get yours in the Online Shop now!

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