Into the Still Life: Pinhole Landscapes by Benjamin Postlewait

2013-10-18 5

It’s fascinating to think that a simple wooden box can be used to capture fleeting moments and immortalize them in prints. Photography enthusiast Benjamin Postlewait captures these moments and places in his life that is worth seeing as he takes on pinhole photography and uses it to capture soothing and euphoric photos.

The workings are simple, get a lightproof box, punch a hole in it and point it to the subject you’d like to capture. Simple enough, right? Well, that’s what it looks like in Benjamin Postlewait’s pinhole photographs. The scenery just seems to flow into the photographs and capture the passing time in light sensitive film. Pinhole photography is a difficult area to master itself and the results are equally difficult not to notice.

Photos by Benjamin Postlewait via his blog and The D Photo site

Postlewait sets up his wooden pinhole box camera and enjoys the view while his camera does the same. Only, the images preserved in time are captured in film and so the beauty of the results arrive with patience. His pinhole photographs show vibrant colors and amazing perspectives that we usually have the luxury to do with our viewfinders. His soothing stills is easy to the eyes – a breather from the usual upbeat tempo in action photography. The seemingly small aperture of his wooden box camera gives us a look into what happens when we just sit still and revel in the moment as we do with our own photographs.

See more of Benjamin’s pinhole photographs on his blog and Flickr.

All information and photographs used in this article were sourced from Benjamin Postlewait's Flickr, Under the Ardent Sky and The D Photo site.

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    wow! thanks for sharing this!

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    @adi_totp it's a pleasure featuring Mr. Postlewait's works. Serves as an inspiration for all of us here in Lomography :)

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    at first I thought he used a Diana Multi Pinhole Operator.. cool then! Looking forward to see other Pinhole masters here :D

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