Vintage Videos: To Be a Professional Photographer In 1946

2013-10-17 1

Vocational guidance videos were done for practically every conceivable job in the past, which of course includes photography. It’s funny to note how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Watch the old-school video after the jump!

We’re pretty sure that you want to become a professional photographer or know someone who does. Before you dive in the deep end, watch this educational video first. You’d think that a vocational video for careers in photography from the 1940’s would present stark differences from the industry today but you’d be surprised. While it is expected that some facets of the job have changed, the core remains the same. The video even touches briefly on the over-saturation of camera men.

Whether you’re pursuing a career in snapping pictures or are just interested in the photographic climate back in the 40’s, check out the video!

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