Lomography Experimental Lens Kit: First Impressions by Adrian Bilek


More insights and sample snaps are pouring in from our friends over at the Lomography HQ in Vienna! Today, we have an interesting interview with Adrian Bilek and also some of his best shots yet taken using the newly-launched Lomography Experimental Lens Kit!

Full name: Adrian Bilek
LomoHome: somapic
Location: Vienna
Lens/es Used: Fisheye Lens and Regular 24mm Lens

1. Can you share with us your first impressions using the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit?

My doubts were all gone after trying the first multi exposures – no annoying camera setups. No photoshop – just fun shooting!

2. How did it feel to go digital using the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, considering your analogue photography background?

Actually, I have both backgrounds and I enjoyed the possibility to combine great features out of 2 worlds – be it having the opportunity to do multiple exposures or using the zoom in preview to get dept of field right.

3. What do you like most about shooting with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit?

The Fisheye Lens and having an analogue shutter on a micro 4/3 camera and the possibility to shoot videos with the creative lenses.

4. Which feature or function of the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit did you enjoy shooting with?

The Color Gels and the Fisheye Lens.

5. Which subject/s and/or technique/s do you think is/are best for shooting with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit?

I think they are all nice to experiment with videos. They work well indoors but even better outdoors. I’d say with the 3 lenses in your bag, you’re perfectly equipped for almost every occasion, from parties to architecture!

Want to know more about Lomography’s newest lenses? Allow us to introduce you to the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit and show you how to equip these lenses onto your micro 4/3 camera!

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