Watering Holes: Tamkoučiri in Celje, Slovenia


I was just thinking how this summer I’ve spotted many more tourists in my home town than previous years and since there may be some lomographers among them it would probably be a good idea to point out a couple of tourist attractions in my town. Good bars and pubs should of course be first on this list.

Tamkoučiri is one of the most well known pubs in my home town. This is because its name is a shorter version for tam kot včeraj which would translate to “the same place as yesterday.” It is funny when you are talking to a friend and he asks, “Where should we meet?” and you just say, “Tamkoučiri.” It’s one of my favorite names for a pub in Slovenia, the other one would be Hvala za rože which means “Thanks for the flowers” but that pub is no longer open, I think. I wonder why.

Credits: lomofrue

Tamkoučiri is in the center of Celje, located in the more artsy part of the street where you can find a lot of galleries, some art studios, shops with handmade stuff, book stores, and antique stores. This street used to be a prime shopping street in the older days and it has a lot of history, but now it has taken a different, more artsy path. To go to the pub, you have to turn off the street, go through the arcade which is full of graffiti and than you’ll see a big yard that transforms to a beer garden in summers and a smoking area in winters.

Credits: lomofrue

Some call Tamkoučiri a hipster place because the more alternative-oriented and artsy people who frequent the place. But where would they go, as the city of Celje already closed all the alternative places that existed in the city? It’s one of the few places in the city that seem a little different, cozy and not that mainstream. Tamkoučiri actually feels like home. I think I always sit by the same table. The place is a little bit dimmed and there are paintings on walls (they try to support local artists by hanging their paintings).

Credits: lomofrue

They also organize different happenings. They have Halloween parties, masquerade, book presentations, travel lectures, and second hand markets. But, I usually just go there to hang out with my friends, drink something and have the best time.

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