The Flinky Files: Genesis, Exodus & Leviticus


Ever wondered about that furry little lomonkey that’s been travelling around Europe for the past 8 months and showing up in lomo locations all over the magazine? Well, let me introduce you to Mr. Flinky and his first two weeks on earth…

Credits: anarchy

07/07/09 − Time/location unkown
He woke up in an instant, everything pitch black around him. He could sense a faint smell of damp cardboard. Where the hell could he be? WHO the hell could he be? Suddenly there was a small stream of light through a crack in the ceiling. As he slowly stood up on his feet he realized he could actually reach all the way up and touch it, but he had to sit down again to avoid passing out, didn’t want the darkness to shroud him one again. As he sat down and turned his head upwards to where the light was coming from he felt a drip of sweat slowly making its way down his forehead, caressing the inner corner of his eye and passing the nose before finally reaching his mouth, wetting the upper lip. It tasted like chicken soup. He felt hungry, very hungry. Standing up again, this time with his feet wide apart and hands grasping against the wall, he tried to push the roof upwards. It moved. On the third try it divided and sprung open, light came flooding in, he passed out…

Credits: anarchy

07/07/09 − 14:35 − Location still unkown
When he awoke he found himself at the bottom of a cardboard box, surrounded by strange items that he hadn’t noticed before. He struggled onto his feet and climbed out. Free at last. Looking around in a full 360° sweep he could see an unmade bed, an enormous mirror on the wall and a dark brown wooden desk. No clues, still no memory. He turned his attention back towards the box, maybe he could find something of importance among the items he had been locked up with. The first thing he noticed was a white notebook decorated with images of people, animals and buildings in all kinds of different colors. All over the cover the letters LOMO screamed at him… LOMO? … L.O.M.O.? … The word meant nothing to him, yet he could feel it meant everything. Maybe the key to this mystery, perhaps even an answer to the eternal question…
His head was beginning to hurt and he decided to quickly browse through the other items… A small piece of plastic with LED-lights flashing, alternating between red and blue… blink-blink… blink-blink… blink-blink… He had to shake his head to snap out of it. A hypnotism device? The next thing he noticed was larger, a rectangular shaped black contraption. He froze. There it was again. The letters stared at him, almost illuminated… Laughing at him? He could swear he heard voices. Suddenly a door flew open and a dark shape appeared before him.
-We don’t have much time, the man said. Here, grab this and run for it!
The man handed him a green backpack and pointed impatiently towards the items in the box. He took the bag and threw all of the stuff from the box inside of it. It was all done in a matter of seconds, but when he was done the man had already moved from one end of the room to the other and was nervously standing by an open window.
-Who are you?
-It doesn’t matter, the man replied. You can call me Anarchy. Now get out of here, fast!
As our hero jumped out of the open window he could hear the man speaking in a foreign language.
-Ta med dig kameran överallt…
He slowed down and turned his head back towards the window.
-Take your camera everywhere you go! Now RUN!!

Credits: anarchy

07/07/09 − 15:02 − Vårväderstorget, Göteborg, Sweden
After running away from the house, through a small forest, down a winding road, 253 steps of a stairway and over the railway tracks, he ended up at a cozy little square with a large sign reading “VÅRVÄDERSTORGET”. A small coffee shop appeared before him and he decided to rest there, hoping that the people would be friendly. He ordered a cup of coffee, black, and sat down to catch his breath. He took a quick look at the backpack beside him, it was time to find out what this was all about. He opened the top and grabbed its contents, carefully placing the items one by one on the table in front of him. The last thing inside was the notebook, he opened it and started reading what was written inside…

Dear Mr. Flinky,
You don’t know us but we know you very well. You are part of something big, greater than any man can even come close to comprehend. We’ll try to explain as much as we can at this point…
You have been selected by The Council to perform an incredibly important task. To your aid we have supplied you with a number of items that you surely have found by now.
−A GPS tracking system
−A compact all-around recording device
−A notebook
You are obligated to fill in daily reports in the notebook. You will receive coordinates continuously, we want you to follow these and record everything on the way. You must spread the word about L-O-M-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y and preach the gospel of analogue to wherever you go. Inability to perform this task will have catastrophic consequences. The future of life as we know it is in Your hands!! Don’t fail us now…
Best of luck!
/The Council

Mr. Flinky? Is that my name?
He thought long and hard, trying to remember something from the past, but he drew blank, there was nothing… He read the message once more to make sure he hadn’t missed anything the first time. Then he picked up the GPS, weighing it in his little hand. It flashed twice. The recording device, the camera, still on the table in front of him. He felt a strange attraction to it. Compact, yet amazingly well constructed. Its lens so shiny, like a jewel. He put the GPS down and folded his fingers around the corners of the camera. Applying some pressure to the button on top revealed a red light inside the glass window. It had begun…

Flinky File #001 − Vårväderstorget − The Not So Square Square!

Flinky File #002 − Backaplan − A Shopping Inferno

Flinky File #003 − Göteborg Central Station

Credits: anarchy

08/07/09 − 14:29 − Haga, Göteborg, Sweden
Mr. Flinky had been wandering around the city aimlessly for nearly 24 hours when he suddenly walked into a part of town that didn’t look like anything he’d seen before…

Flinky File #004 − Haga − From Rags to Riches!

Credits: anarchy

11/07/09 − 08:30 − Central Station, Göteborg, Sweden
It was a chilly but calm Saturday morning as the train rolled up to platform no. 10 at Göteborg Central Station. Late last night Mr. Flinky had received a set of coordinates and he was now on his way to Copenhagen, Denmark. Four hours later he found himself inside Hovedbanegården, Central Station of Copenhagen.

Credits: anarchy

11/07/09 − 14:31 − Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
After a warm meal and a 10 minute walk west of the station Mr. Flinky reached the City Public Hostel. There hadn’t been any time for him to make reservations, but walking through the open doors and up to the reception desk he felt confident about getting a cheap bed for the night…
-Sorry, all beds are occupied, said the clerk before Mr. Flinky had even opened his mouth.
The next second a phone rang from somewhere behind the desk.
-Aha… Ok, no problem! Thanks… Bye!
-You, sir, are a very lucky man. We’ve just received a cancellation. Here’s your receipt and information pamphlet. Sheets and pillows are extra. Anything else?
Mr. Flinky couldn’t help but feeling a bit proud, his timing had been impeccable. And with that he made his way downtown…

Flinky File #005 − City Public Hostel

Flinky File #006 − Christianshavn − The Amsterdam of Denmark

Flinky File #007 − Metro M1/M2 − Total Recall

Credits: anarchy

12/07/09 − 03:14 − Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
The hostel was far from quiet when Mr. Flinky returned that night. Sleeping in a dorm with 24 other people has its pros and cons. On the upside it’s a really cheap option, on the downside you don’t get much sleep because of all the noise. After two hours of struggle our hero decided that enough is enough and got up and out. At 5 o’clock in the morning most individuals awake are prostitutes and pushers (do they ever sleep?).
“If you’ve got the money, honey, we’ve got your disease…”
He made his way to the Central Station, it seemed much further away than he remembered. Two hours later he was on the train to Berlin.

Credits: anarchy

12/07/09 − 14:27 − Hauptbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
Greeting him at the train station was a blonde young guy of human species.
-I’m Yoscolmi, I know your mother.
Mr. Flinky had no idea who this guy was, but he followed him to a small café where they sat down. The coffee felt good, giving him that much needed strength. He counted the hours… 29… 30… 31… 31 hours since he last was asleep. He felt dizzy and disoriented. He needed answers, but time was short and two hours later he was once again on a train, this time heading for Prague, the jewel of Czech Republic.

Credits: anarchy

12/07/09 − 21:30 − Prague 7, Prague, Czech Republic
When he got off the train in Prague it was already dark. He wandered down one deserted street after the other, wondering where he would spend the night. He could have closed his eyes and travelled to the land of dreams then and there, a place of chocolate rivers and marshmallow trees, where night was day and nobody knew the direction home… Laughter from afar, if he squinted he could see the neon lights in the distance. He picked up the pace and 5 minutes later he was finally there. A pub, endless streams of golden fluid, the nectar of Gods. He asked for a shot of whiskey and a large beer which he eagerly put his mouth around…

Credits: anarchy

13/07/09 − 10:24 − Prague 6, Prague, Czech Republic
When he woke up the next day Mr. Flinky found himself in the middle of a street, vehicles and pedestrians rushing past on both sides. He gathered his belongings and continued towards the city centre…

Flinky File #008 − Gothic Prague

Flinky File #009 − Museum of Communism is Here!

Credits: anarchy

13/07/09 − 20:15 − Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic
After an exhausting day of recording Mr. Flinky felt he had enough of walking for the day. At the Old Town Square a band was performing live on a temporary stage set up in the middle of the square. It reminded him about this Jazz Club he’d read about earlier that day…

Flinky File #010 − Jazz Club Ungelt

Credits: anarchy

14/07/09 − 08:30 − Holesovice, Prague, Czech Republic
The next morning Mr. Flinky boarded the early morning train towards Budapest with a quick stop in Vienna along the way. By dusk he finally reached the Hungarian capital.

Credits: anarchy

14/07/09 − 20:39 − Budapest, Hungary
Wandering down the unfamiliar streets of Budapest Mr. Flinky decided he would treat himself to a nice bed (oh, the glory of clean sheets!) and a much needed shower. Walking out of the hotel as a brand new revitalized self he quickly found a bar with a nice crowd. 10 beers and a pack of smokes later he was ready for bed.

Credits: anarchy

15/07/09 − 09:10 − Memento Park, Budapest, Hungary
Mr. Flinky, staying true to his mission, got up early in the morning to record the essentials of this new city. He had heard about a park outside of the city where statues and monuments from the years of communism had been restored and put on display…

Flinky File #011 − Memento Park − Preserving Communist Monuments

Credits: anarchy

15/07/09 − 15:01 − Tram No. 2, Budapest, Hungary
After a hot day in the Memento Park, Mr. Flinky took the popular tram no. 2 along the Danube riverbank, rattling and shaking past the many breathtaking buildings and beautiful bridges.

Flinky File #012 − Take a Trip with Tram No. 2

Credits: anarchy

16/07/09 − 13:05 − Keleti, Budapest, Hungary
Catching the right train at Budapest Keleti Station isn’t the easiest of tasks. Sometimes you are pointed towards track no. 4 and then redirected to platform 13, only to be sent back to track no. 4 again. But don’t despair, when all hope seems lost, somebody tells you it’s actually a completely different track and the train is two hours late…

Credits: anarchy

16/07/09 − 22:40 − Central Station, Belgrade, Serbia
Our little lomonkey arrived in Belgrade battered and dehydrated but in one piece. Codename Klickovic was already waiting for him at the train station, guiding him the short walk up to her central apartment. Mr. Flinky decided it was time to relax and just enjoy the trip for a while, he turned the tracking device off, had a quick shower and then he followed Klickovic out into the brewing nightlife of Belgrade city…

Credits: anarchy

20/07/09 − 12:25 − Hollergasse 41, Vienna, Austria
The overnight train from Belgrade to Vienna reached its destination 4 hours late. Mr. Flinky had some hours left to kill before the next train and so he took to the streets… Suddenly he found himself in front of a large anonymous building with the number 41 printed on the door. He had no idea how he got there, or why he felt this strong attraction to the place, but he just knew he had to enter it!
Inside a top secret world unfolded before his very eyes. Unfortunately much too secret to be recorded and put in print. Mr. Flinky was fed a small pill and when he woke up he was already on a train to meet Codename Mephisto19 in Germany.

Credits: anarchy

21/07/09 − 12:02 − Lindhorst, Germany
Another day, another adventure. Mr. Flinky was met by Mephisto19 around noon and they took a walk through the little village over to his house. Inside he found cameras and photos all over the floor, walls and even in the ceiling.
-This is nice, he thought to himself.
-I think I’m going to stay here for a while and see where it leads me…

Excerpt from Leviticus − Rule #1:

Take your camera everywhere you go

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