The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit: Your Questions, Answered

2013-10-17 9

Lomography has again come up with a new and exciting product that will bring analogue vibes to digital lovers out there. We’re sure you have questions regarding this stellar innovation, and so we’ve gladly answered a few for you.

What is inside the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit package?
The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit includes:

  • M4/3 Experimental Wide-Angle Lens 12mm
  • M4/3 Experimental Standard Lens 24mm
  • M4/3 Experimental Fisheye Lens 160°
  • a set of color gel filters

What’s so special about the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit?
The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit is special for many reasons.

  • The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit allows you to be super creative with your shots, with a selection of Fisheye lens for 160° shots, an ultra wide-angle 12mm lens & a standard 24mm lens.
  • It is the world’s first lens kit that allows you to take real, optical multiple exposures on a digital camera.
  • It lets you shoot surprising, unique and fantastic photos with effects such as vignetting and extreme color saturation.
  • The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit allows you to add a wild boost of color to your photographs with the included Colored Gel Filters and Filter Slots.

What cameras are compatible with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit?
The Experimental Lens Kit lenses are fully compatible with all Micro 4/3 system cameras.

What are Micro 4/3 system cameras?
The Micro 4/3 system was developed between Panasonic and Olympus in 2008 and is the most popular Mirrorless camera system today. Micro 4/3 cameras are extraordinarily advanced, powerful and creative photographic instruments, so they are really perfect for the Experimental lens Kit!

The Micro 4/3 logo

How would I know if my camera is powered by the Micro 4/3 system and if it’s compatible with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit?
The easiest way to know whether you have a compatible camera is if your camera features the Micro 4/3 logo – If your camera does have the Micro 4/3 logo, then you can be sure that the lens kit will work! The Experimental Lens Kit is definitely fully compatible with all Olympus PEN and Olympus OM-D cameras, as well as all Panasonic Lumix Micro 4/3 cameras. For a pretty up-to-date and comprehensive list of compatible cameras, we recommend viewing the chart shown in this Micro 4/3 Wikipedia entry.

Will the Lomography Experimental Lens automatically work with my Micro 4/3 Camera?
The Experimental Lens Kit is designed to work with all Micro 4/3 Cameras. However, you may need to change some simple settings on your camera for the lenses to function. This is because the Experimental Lenses are manual focus rather than auto-focus lenses.

Is the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit already available?
Yes, the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit is available and in stock.

Do you have more queries regarding the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit that were not answered above? Feel free to share your questions in the comments section.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    how does it work the multiple exposure with these lenses? double exposure is already present on my Olympus epl1 but if I right understand this is also one of these lenses feature..

  2. virtualflyer
    virtualflyer ·

    Same question as superlighter. Can't understand what the lenses are doing to let you do multiple exposures.

  3. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    Lenses have an in-built shutter so you can place the camera's shutter on B and use the lens' shutter to take multiple exposures. However I hoped in a better product, this isn't analogue at all.

  4. vicker313
    vicker313 ·

    there is a knob on the lens seems like shutter release of diana mini. i guess the lens got its owned shutter, so just set the camera to bulb mode, then use the lens shutter release to take picture. multiple exposure done by pressing the shutter release few times during the same bulb shoot.

  5. somapic
    somapic ·

    hi!@vicker313 found the right solution. All 3 lenses have a built in shutter. You simply set your camera to a long exposure time or bulp mode if available and you can use the analugue shutter multiple times!

  6. theob
    theob ·

    hi !

    Can I put the lens on my Nikon D3100 ?


  7. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    how many fingers and hands I need to old the camera, keep depressed the camera shutter in Bulb mode, focusing the new lenses and shut down the lens shutter?!!!!

  8. veato
    veato ·

    My Pentax K5 does multiple exposures on a single frame.

    Also, can't help but think this is a complete sell out of a product.

  9. nerpman
    nerpman ·

    The article mentions compatibility with OM-D cameras, but is this the same mount as Olympus OM-1 film cameras? I don't even own a digital, and don't plan to......

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