Double Exposure Photographs of Paintings and Their Creators by Stelios Baklavas


Separating the artist and the work of art and at the same time incorporating them into portraits is a process and technique masterfully done by Greek photographer Stelios Baklavas. See more of his portraits after the jump.

Stelios Baklavas focuses on the artist and the art created out of brush strokes, pain and canvass. His intertwined series “Portraits Paintings” display the creations of people and the artists themselves. The double exposure photographs mean to combine the element of the artists and their works into a single art form all in itself.

Taking a cue from the many styles of photography, Baklavas delivers a view of the paintings that differs from the usual photograph of the works beside the hands and the creative minds that made them. Set apart from his usual style and subject which is dance and nude photography, the portraits stand out as a collection of stories – each showing a different face to the life of the artist and their creations.

Portraits by Stelios Baklavas

His overlapping technique in the portraits used light, colors and composition to showcase their work and creative styles. The artists’ unique style and approach to painting were used as backdrops for the portraits.

Stelios Baklavas was born in Athens, Greece in 1963 and is a fine art photographer. His double exposure film photographs and appreciation for the full-bodied style of photography is one of many notable works in the field of film photography today. See more of his works on film here.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Shooting Film, Stelios Baklavas' site.

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