The Hazards of a National Geographic Photographer


We all fervently dream of becoming National Geographic photographers, diving with the dolphins and shooting gorgeous images in the Amazon. But there’s a flip-side to all this glamour. Here’s the reality check!

Photo from National Geographic

We’ve all become enamored with the glitz and glamour we see of on-assignment photographers. Visiting the Arctic circle for months on end, spelunking in underwater caves, and capturing the majestic African Savannah sounds like a dream job, but it is not a walk in the park! In Reality Check, 45 photographers are surveyed about their experiences in the field. Some involve flesh eating parasites, getting assaulted, meningitis… and even getting bitten by ticks down there.

Check out the whole list in Reality Check

written by cruzron on 2013-10-16 #lifestyle #photographer #national-geographic

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