Analogue Portraits by Ana Mercedes


For today’s new talent feature, we’ll be looking at the work of 21-year old film photographer, Ana Mercedes!

Photo via Ana Mercedes’ website

Mercedes lives in Austin, Texas and is a fine art and portrait film photographer. In an interview posted on _Peachy ‘N’ Keen Collective_, the young photographer revealed that she started taking photos “many years ago,” and that she was in her last year of high school when her sister passed down to her an SLR that she had used.

Mercedes’ portfolio is comprised mostly of portraits, her models being her friend Jackie and a few of the models she had met from her area.

Photos via Ana Mercedes’ website

Aside from portraits, Mercedes had also taken handful of scenery as well as personal photos. In another interview, this time with _Shooting Film_, Mercedes described film as “magical, nostalgic, interesting, and so terribly good,” and that compared to digital, analogue photography “feels real… [and] so much more alive.”

All information in this article were sourced from Ana Mercedes’ website, Peachy ‘N’ Keen Collective, and Shooting Film. You may view more of Ana Mercedes’ photographs on Flickr, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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