How to Use Your Lomography Experimental Lens as a Standard Lens


Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. While we’re sure you’re all excited about shooting double, triple or quadruple exposures or color-bursting shots, you can also play it by the book and use the your Experimental Lens as s “normal” mirrorless lens. Let us walk you through this after the jump!

After having successfully mounted the lens onto your camera, as we described in an earlier tipster, you’re ready to start playing around with it. Lets us show you how to take pictures with these easy steps:

Step One

Push the T-Shutter Lever at the bottom of the lens all the way down until it locks in. This will hold the the in-lens shutter open and you’ll be to see on your LCD display or electronic viewfinder.

Step Two

Simply get your subject in focus on the LCD display or electronic viewfinder by turning the lens focusing ring. The magnifying function on your Micro 4/3 camera may help for precise focusing.

Step Three

Now that everything is focus your ready to compose your photo and shoot!

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