High Up With Gemini: Outtakes From NASA's Early Space Program

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Space is a mighty wonderful thing. It’s considered as man’s final frontier and for good reasons. The enormity of it is just mind-boggling. See some outtakes of man and his voyage to space after the jump.

We are all familiar with the classic Blue Marble and the first photograph of the man on the moon. They are just photos that elicit awe and drop-jawed amazement. Imagine the feeling of the people back then when they saw the first photographs shot from space – they were probably like drooling all over the wonders of vast space.

Photos via Air Space Mag, Juxtapoz, 607 Visual

These outtakes from the Gemini space program are a look into what spacemen see on their journeys into the infinite confines of space. The usual shots from space look all composed and fit for newspaper headlines but these outtakes give us a view from thousands of miles up in the air without the nuanced lectures in photography. The photos have this “shot from the hip” feel to them. Just imagine how these astronauts found the time to take pictures of their amazing view while they wrote their names in the history books.

Gemini’s early photos of space and the people behind the space program shed new light on the human face of NASA. The space race indeed took flight and we’re just glad they did. These photos are a great reminder of their extraordinary feat and is a testament to the resolve of spacemen.

All information and photos used for this article were sourced from Air Space Mag, Juxtapoz, 607 Visual.

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