Midweek Music Video: Kimbra’s Come Into My Head


It’s fun living in the world that’s full of amazing talents. There’s just so many to look forward to especially in music. See exactly just what we mean with this music video from Kimbra all shot with 35mm film!

Kimbra's music is characterized by her perky get-up-from-your-seat beats and quirky music videos. Her musicality is paired up with creative music video concepts by cinematographer Ed Goldner who chose to shoot three of her videos with the classic 35mm film. The colors and the richness of the shots just pop out from the rest. Come Into My Head’s infectious melody along with Kimbra’s vocals make for a lively number and music on loop.

Photos via Sirens of Song, Much Music blog

The video for “Come Into My Head” is just an elegy to pop music and dance. Kimbra’s energetic showmanship in the video inspires classic pin-up vibes with the outrageous outfits dripping with bright colors and quirky effects. One scene in the video is like a shoutout to the darkroom with the vivid lighting shown in the classic red hues. 35mm film is used to its full extent in the video, setting the stage for great cinematography and bigger-than-life effects.

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All information used in this article were sourced from Screen Hub and Edward Goldner's site.

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