10 Newly Released Magnificent Photographs From Nat Geo's Found Collection


National Geographic has been known to bring us some of the best photographs in the world. They even throw in the most memorable stories behind every photograph. For their 125 years in the business, they share with us the most amazing unpublished photos in their collection.

Found is a collection of National Geographic photographs throughout the years that are only now being opened to the public. It is a peek inside their colossal photography archives that aim to do nothing but showcase the world’s most amazing stories about culture, life, nature and people. Their Tumblr is like a daily dose of awe-inspiring imagery that only National Geographic and their photographers can deliver.

Photos via National Geographic's Found Collection on Tumblr

The Found collection is like an open storybook that is only now being unveiled, piece by piece for the public to see. Many of the photos have lost their original date and the location where it was shot and leave just as much to the imagination the beauty they show in the prints. Nat Geo has amassed such a great collection that can only serve to inspire and astonish onlookers.

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National Georgraphic's FOUND Collection

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Found and National Geographic.

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