Lomography Embassy Store, Santiago

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The first Lomography Embassy store in Latin America was opened in 2008. The aim is to show the world of Lomography to the people in Chile, act as a meeting point, make people get to know the colorful world of our cameras, and talk about any question a Lomographer could have.

Which one is your favourite Lomography camera and why?

My favourite camera is the LC-A, I like the compact nature of the camera that allows me to carry it with me anywhere I go. It stopped me from thinking “hey, this could have been a nice shot” to actually getting all of those amazing colorful images. The lens is great quality and the automatic exposure metering makes everything very easy. To make it short: this is my all day every day camera.

What’s the weirdest Lomographic moment you’ve ever had?

There are lots of weird moments, one of my favourites is without any doubt when older people discover and get excited about the Diana camera. For them it’s like a flashback to their childhood and this actually makes them share personal stories which they would have never told otherwise.

What is the nerdiest question you’ve ever been asked in your shop?

Generally the typical questions are: where can I see the photos? You are still selling film? Followed by: where can I get the film developed? Does it take nice pictures? Finally you end up telling about the romantic side of analogue photography and the beauty of possessing analogue prints in comparison to thousands of digital images in your computer.

Where is the best place to shoot some Lomographic masterpieces in your city?

The city and its rhythm is always a nice invitation for photography. I’m not the person that goes to specific place and takes some pictures, my approach is much more impulsive, i see something i like and i take the picture. Anyways, if I had to recommend a certain place in Santiago I’d say the centre because of the diverse architecture. It starts with newer buildings like the “palacio de gobierno la moneda”, from there you can walk and discover the “plaza de armas” witzh its artists and lots of pigeons until you reach beautiful “parque florestal” which offers the “museo bellas artes” and “museo de arte contemporaneo”.

Lomography Embassy Store
av. providencia 2124 santiago
website: www.lomochile.cl
Email: contacto@lomochile.cl
Phone: 2 3357482
Monday to Friday: 11am to 8pm
Saturday 11am – 3pm

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