Make Some Psychedelic Doubles with Purplescale And Redscale!

2013-10-23 2

It’s simple and easy but the results are surprising. In this quick tipster, I will show you an easy way to get redscale and Lomochrome Purple effects and multiple exposure in one frame!

The trick is really simple. All you have to do is prepare your camera for purplescaling (in case you missed the article, click here to read it first) with a purple negative film, and then replace the purple negative with normal negative when you have finished the first layer. And when you’re done with the second layer, you just simply develop it the usual way!

Remember, you can plan the doubles or not, but in the end the result still will be unexpected! That’s the art of Lomography!

Here are my result with using this simple trick:

Photos by abecd

Try it yourself and share your results!

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  1. daisymae
    daisymae ·

    Looks great!

  2. abecd
    abecd ·

    @daisymae thanks!^^

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