Three-Dimensional Paintings on Resin Layers by Keng Lye


If you liked and still remember the amazing goldfish paintings of Riusuke Fukahori, you will surely be impressed with the part-painting, part-sculpture pieces of a Singapore-based artist. What makes his work different from Fukahori’s masterpieces? Find out after the jump!

Early last year, we shared with you the mind-blowing three-dimensional paintings on layers of resin by Riusuke Fukahori. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Singapore-based artist Keng Lye, who works with a similar technique but with an additional element.

For his series called Alive Without Breath Lye also paints on layers of resin to create a three-dimensional effect, but to make his pieces even more life-like, he tried a little experiment. He added objects over the resin and painted over them to produce the illusion of his painted aquatic creatures protruding from the watery surface. On this technique, Lye told This is Colossal:

“After applying acrylic paint straight onto the resin, I incorporated a 3-D element in this instance, it was a small pebble for the ranchu and octopus. For the turtle, I used an egg shell for the turtle shell and acrylic paint for the rest of the finishing. The whole idea here was to give the art work an even more 3D effect therefore you can have a better view from any angle. I think there are still many other techniques to explore.”

Now, that would really tempt someone to dip a finger in each piece just to see if the creatures will move at the slightest touch, don’t you agree?

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