Moonday Moodboard: Which Camera Should I Use?


I have this one friend who had two Lomo cameras. Sad thing that one got broken and he didn’t make time to fix it. He’s back to shooting with just one camera, though he rarely gets to use it now.

Hearing about Lomography and its products was an awesome thing for me back then. All new to the subculture and everything in between. It just felt all foreign and so cool that I didn’t think I’d be in the middle of it all just a few years later. We had good times with my friend’s Diana camera (I think it’s an Edelweiss edition) on our trips and hangouts.

We have this particular photo that I’m very fond of: one snap from our swimming getaways. The weather is terribly punishing in the summer here in the country so we always saw to it that we got in for a dip. Of course, what better way to remember it than have our photos taken with the then new-found-love Lomo camera! We had drinks, rough housed all over the place and had more drinks. It was a blast. I just wish we shot more photographs.

I’m planning a trip somewhere this coming long weekend. I’m thinking of bringing a Lomo camera to get all the fun times on film. I’m just having a hard time with so many cameras to choose from. Not to mention the film! But, I guess it’s really a fun time even with the hard time choosing which camera to use. After all, it is Lomography. Fun is all that matters.

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written by cheeo on 2013-10-14 #news #trip #lomography #monday-moodboard

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