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Indeed, there really are times when you have to actively seek inspiration as opposed to just waiting for them to come to you… or else you wouldn’t get work done as soon as you would have wanted to.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t dabbled with anything creative in a while. No short story finished, no photo shoot planned with friends months ago finally pushing through… nada. And the only reason I could say to explain why I’ve been in a creative slump for so long, aside from lack of time, is that inspiration hasn’t come to me yet. You see, I’m not the type of person who falls under the “bursting with creativity” category. Unlike others who seem to be consistently artistic with every move they make, I’m someone who often have to chase inspiration and practice a lot to improve my craft. I’m also that type of person who waits and works only when I feel that extremely strong urge to – which could take months, at worst. It’s probably a bad thing, because when you let a lot of time pass by, your skills can get a bit rusty.

I wasn’t able to find a more apt photo of a person with his head and shoulders slumped on a desk, but I guess this photo of a cat will do. Photo by jabuka

Last weekend, I decided to make another attempt, trading time to backread my (photos, art, and various fandom-) cluttered Tumblr dashboard for a bit for time to read a few stories and browse through some artistic websites in the hopes of at least sparking that elusive inspiration. And that’s how I stumbled upon these paintings by Simon Birch, a British Hong Kong-based artist. Here are my favorites from his set:

Photos via My Modern Metropolis

As you can see, the paintings are simple, merely capturing dancing women in mid-motion. There’s not much to interpret with these paintings, the details aren’t refined, but Birch’s work was able to capture the intense emotion and passion that usually radiate from dancers when they perform. I think it’s the slash-looking brush strokes that did it, merging roughness with something delicate.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer this kind of seemingly imperfect yet expressive art over anything that’s clean up to the very last detail. It sets your mind in motion, at first thinking of and interpreting only the emotion that the painting depicts and the next you’ll find yourself finally having that creative spark, may it be to finish a work in progress or to start a new project.

Okay… so while Birch’s beautiful paintings didn’t turn out to be my creative tipping point after all, in the end it was still able to motivate me to start getting myself out of this slump. It’s way better than doing absolutely nothing, no?

Information about Simon Birch’s work were sourced from My Modern Metropolis.

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