From Skate to Sewers: Snapping the Streets of New York City


Earlier this month we’d headed to the East coast with a bag full of film and our trusty LC-A as company, excited for our eyes and LC-A to check out such an inspirational spot as New York City. From street level to 87th floor, we ran here and there, looked up and down, and rolled all around. And our camera was there to capture it all…

There’s nowhere better to click away at than New York City. The city that never sleeps offers an endless array of photo moments that our LC-A snapped during our days of aimlessly yet perfectly roaming around. With a camera that has ISO 100 or 400, the bright sunny autumn days made for perfect conditions for our film.

The 87th floor of the Empire State Building provided a bird’s eye view, but it was just as interesting from street level. We didn’t zoom in so we had to manually get up close and far away; that’s what makes it fun.

Skating is a heavy influence in NYC, which is renowned for its street spots. We spied clues on the street, like signs encouraging or warning off the four wheels. Then we headed to the Hudson Park Pier 62 skate park to snap some park scenery in the backdrop of the Empire State Building. Picture perfect…

Away from the other tourists, we hung out in Harlem, enjoying the locals hustle and bustle. From the trendy new Aloft hotel to the neighborhood bars and delis, everything’s within walking distance from Central Park!

Then, a trip to the colorful Coney Island to finish off the film and end it on a sunny note…

written by neonstash on 2013-10-16 #lifestyle #skateboarding #new-york-city

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