Lovely 120 Squares Taken Using the Belair Cameras

2013-10-14 1

From portraits to scenery to shots of random objects, here are some of the best medium format photos shot by our amazing community members with their Belair cameras!

Credits: satomi, bloomchen, kasta72, kleeblatt, mephisto19, grazie, icuresick, maximum_b, anafaro, walasiteodito & anjinho

Note, however, that the Belair X 6-12 doesn’t only take square photos! As the world’s first 6×12 auto-exposure medium format camera, it also allows you to shoot photos in 6×12 and 6×9 formats! Aside from these, the Belair X 6-12 also boasts of features such as lens interchangeability, auto-, long, and multiple exposure, and an extensive ISO range! Take your pick from the Belair X 6-12 Cityslicker, Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter, Belair Trailblazer, and the Belair X 6-12 Globe-trotter!

Want to know more about the Belair x 6-12? Visit the microsite here!

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