We Forget Everything: A Tribute to Film Photography and Memories by Martin Prihoda


Photography has always been there for people who are looking to capture and remember things as they see it. It’s a process and a journey altogether, progressing and continuous. Mumbai based photographer Martin Prihoda gives us a short reminder of how much memories we take as we go on with life.

Intriguingly beautiful and invokes many emotions, these are a few giveaways to *Martin Prihoda’s* short clip titled We Forget Everything. The short film paints a picture of adventure and nostalgia with every frame as well as the fact that photography reminds us of things that are otherwise forgotten as we continue to face time.

Photos via YouTube, The Click Shop

“Why is photography such a powerful medium? Is it because it helps us to remember? Our memories and experiences are who we are, they are what make our personalities, we are a collection of our past aggregate experience.
…and eventually we forget everything, memories fade and the crystal ball of our past becomes fuzzy and incoherent. It’s a horrifying thought, actually."

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The treatment of the film alone gives you this warm feeling of actually being in the middle of such a busy and colourful life in Mumbai. Culture is everywhere and people partake in this explosion of experiences and stories. Prihoda, who also shoots advertising campaigns and does creative work for commercial magazines portray the elements of photography that are all endearing for shutterbugs. It’s Prihoda’s ode to his two loves: Mumbai and photography. Pictures and memories as beautiful as those featured in the film deserve to be in prints. They will always serve as a reminder to us that there are indeed precious memories to remember.

You can see more of his work on his site and blog,

All information used in this article were sourced from Atomic Safari, PetaPixel.

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