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Founded in 1977, Open Eye is an independent non-profit photography gallery based in Liverpool. Open Eye has consistently championed photography as an art form that is relevant to everyone. We promote the practice, enjoyment, and understanding of photography by creating challenging and entertaining opportunities to experience and appreciate distinctive, innovative photographs.

We asked volunteer and resident Lomography expert John McLaughlin to answer some questions:

Which one is your favourite Lomography camera and why?
The Diana mini, I do enjoy using 120 film with the Diana F+ but the mini perfectly encompasses everything I love about Lomo. The versatility and small design of it makes the perfect camera when it comes to the essence of Lomography, experimentation and fun!

What’s the weirdest Lomographic moment you’ve ever had?
Trying to explain what I was doing while filming Chickens in the dead of winter with a LomoKino. People tend to look at you a little strangely when you are crouching in snow while winding a little black box at a bunch of chickens… but the footage was good so that is all that matters!

What is the nerdiest question you’ve ever been asked in your shop?
When it comes to questions from customers, we always want to make sure the right camera goes to the right person so the nerdier the question the better! I am very into photography and a huge Lomography fan myself so I’m always happy to help and love talking to anyone with a similar interest when it comes to film.

Where is the best place to shoot some Lomographic masterpieces in your city?
The Liverpool waterfront is the ideal place to be inspired, there is such a wide collection of old and new buildings to snap. From the iconic Liver Buildings to the brand new Mann Island where we are located, there is so many photo opportunities around you’ll really need a few rolls of film to capture it all!

Open Eye Gallery
19 Mann Island
Liverpool Waterfront
Liverpool L3 1BP
T : +44 (0)151 236 6768
E :

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