Glory in 35 mm: Strikingly Beautiful Shots Using the Belair X 6-12


One camera. Unlimited possibilities. That’s what the Belair proves to us with series of mixed photographs shot in 35mm film.

No doubt, the Belair X 6-12 is a sight to behold. The design of the camera alone solicits attention and awe from onlookers. Its function is something else entirely. Boasting superb camera innovation and function, the Belair makes use of different format shots and the automatic shutter feature. Here, the results of the Belair are displayed to show more in images the many good pictures that this camera produced.

The medium format camera can also shoot with 35mm film, a classic and widely-used film format. Still used in filmmaking as well as still life, the 35mm is the ammo that gives this camera the good shots it need to hit its target. Looking into the viewfinder, you’ll get to experience everything that the camera has to offer: multiple exposures, panoramic shots, sprockets, bulb photography, the works. Just imagine the possibilities. Let the photographs here give you a glimpse.

Credits: clownshoes, ck_berlin, ccwu, gauthierdumonde, avola, kikuzumi, feelux, sixsixty, earlybird & azotolina

written by cheeo on 2013-10-14 #lifestyle #35mm #analogue-photography #belair

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