Reviews on Rewind: The Belair X 6-12


Having the versatility of being able to change photo formats on beautiful medium format is almost unheard of until the arrival of the Belair X 6-12. Capture gorgeous and breathtaking panoramas with its 6×12 and 6×9 format, while also being able to shoot riveting portraits full of details with its 6×6 format. In this special edition of Reviews on Rewind, we focus our lenses on the Belair. Read on!

Photo by talaerts

Belair & Belairgon 90mm: First Impressions Review by talaerts

I do recommend the camera, perhaps it is not ideal for the typical “shoot from the hip” Lomographer – I think you’ll have too many bad results then, and as mentioned the 6×12 format is quite expensive in use – which also pushes more towards a thoughtful kind of photography.

Credits: simonesavo

Lomography Belair X 6-12 by simonesavo

I shot in the last trip I made in Milan and I was impressed by the good results obtained… If you like panoramic photos, this machine is perfect for you.

Credits: themindseye

A Timeless Classic: Belair X 6-12 in Basic Black by themindseye

Therefore, without any hesitancy I can justifiably claim that the Belair X 6-12 City Slicker is a pro-quality medium format camera that can deliver impressive results. Couple this remarkable camera with the two lenses that are included in the package (along with the future option of adding a high-quality 114mm interchangeable lens) and you have a terrific “can’t miss” scenic or portrait camera that will leave Instagram users gasping for air.

Credits: jaybees80

Belair X 6-12, Camera to be Tamed by jaybees80

Overall Belair offers possibilities that I have not yet exploited all but it has all the promise made ​​approaching the LC-A +. Like the LC-A, Belair X6-12 is ideal for difficult lighting conditions. Indeed, over 400 ISO, it seems not necessary to use a flash.

Photo by kcmuguet

Nice to Meet you, Belair! by kcmuguet

Belair is really easy and interesting to use! I will definitely bring it with me more often. I am really looking forward to the possibility of having more exchangeable lenses for Belair!

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