Did Leslie Jones Take a Photo of Berenice Abbot While Shooting 'Nightview, New York'?


A photograph accidentally found by Gizmodo writer Attila Nagy in the Boston Public Library’s Flickr photostream had him taking a closer look at Berenice Abbot’s iconic photo, “Nightview, New York.”

The photo in question was “New York City at Night” taken by photographer Leslie Jones. As Nagy had put it, Jones’ photo “feels like you zoomed out of” the one shot by Abbot, with the female photographer allegedly being caught in the lower middle part of the photo. Here are both of the photographs, for your reference:

Above: ‘Nightview, New York’ by Berenice Abbot. Below: ‘New York City at Night’ by Leslie Jones. Photos via The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Gizmodo

Nagy proposed his fascinating theory in the article, *Is This Berenice Abbott Shooting One of NYC's Most Iconic Photos?* published last week. Although he acknowledged that the photos might’ve been taken on different dates (with Abbot taking hers allegedly in 1932 and Jones shooting his in 1930) and that Abbot supposedly shot her photo from a window and “not at the top of the building; there would’ve been too much wind outside,” the writer still speculated,

…my theory is at least partially incorrect. Which leaves us with three other possibilities: One, Abbott was checking the weather before the shot. Two, Abbott was taking a last look at the city before leaving the building. Three, Abbott was taking a study photograph some days or even years before the “real” shot.

In addition, Nagy also pointed out that Abbot’s and Jones’ photos show the same lighted building windows!

What do you think? Could Nagy be correct with his assumptions? We advise you to read his article here, where he brought up a few more of his detailed observations and questions!

All information in this article were sourced from Gizmodo.

written by chooolss on 2013-10-14 #lifestyle

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