Making Memories: High School Firsts


High school was a place of many firsts for me. It’s a mix of anxiety and the feeling of looking forward to new experiences and new people. Honestly, I was never a friendly kid. I still find that hard to do. Maybe it’s because I tend to spend my time getting comfortable with the people I meet.

Still, high school was a fairly pleasant experience. Out of the few people I still have connections with, many of them came from high school. It was 2003 when I entered high school. I was a freshman with no friends other than that of some neighborhood kids who also go to the same school. I’m thankful that those kids are still the ones who keep me company as we grew up to be the young adults that we are now.

If you guys are curious, I’m the 2nd dude from the top left.

It was indeed a place of many firsts. I was a transferee and knew little about what to expect. I got to meet new friends and started a relationship from scratch. It was my first time dealing with girls, too. I came from an exclusive boys’ school when I was in grade school. My first conscious enounter with the fairer (I say that with the greatest intentions) sex is all too memorable. I experienced the bittersweet feeling of being in love. Cheesy, I know. But it was a first and I think it was a good thing. Except, you know, the corny things young kids do when they think they’re truly, madly and deeply in love. They think it’s forever, it wasn’t. The relationship didn’t last even during my college years.

I got into a fight during my time in high school. It was one of those humbling experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The black and blue bruises are a distant but powerful reminder. It was a good thing. I knew how to keep my head low. Young boys always think they’re cool and invincible. Well, they aren’t. Even the most hardboiled lads have a soft spot.

Another first is the real taste of what’s to come in the would-be next years of my life: college. I promised myself that I would get into the college of my dreams: a state university here in the Philippines. It was those stupid moments of “Hey, this will be easy.” Well, it wasn’t. It was just good happenstance that I did make it to the school. It was a first taste of the simple victories in life.

“Wacky” class picture shot. It’s more like awkward when I think of it now.

Well, there are tons of firsts I can share here but I think it would be too boring for you guys. And besides, I only have this two class pictures of mine to share with you. I’m afraid, the other memories were washed away with the flood as well. Good riddance to those awkward tropical-paradise-themed school prom photos. I looked like a bellboy for a Hawaiian hotel.

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written by cheeo on 2013-10-13 #lifestyle #high-school #makingmemories

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