Making Memories in Film : A Real LOMO-LOVE Story!

2013-10-15 1

There is something better than just keeping memories through photos, and it is to make them by shooting in analogue. There is something better than sharing the LOMO-LOVE, and it is sharing it with someone you really love!

Join me in this travel around my beautiful country, Colombia.

Credits: kathepalacio

There is nothing that I love more than taking my cameras everywhere, taking photos of the places I’ve been to and the people I was with. And it is good to feel that someone enjoys it by your side.

I found a solution by sharing my addiction with my boyfriend. I gave him a Lomo camera before embarking on some of our journeys around the country.

Hope you like our photos and see how much fun we had in Colombia. We are now in Europe and I really miss my sunny, friendly country!

Beaches and beautiful sunsets:

Credits: kathepalacio & jean-denis

I got a fracture in my foot, but that didn’t stop me!

Credits: jean-denis & kathepalacio

More animals at the beach than at the zoo:

Credits: jean-denis & kathepalacio

Jumps, jumps and jumps:

Credits: kathepalacio

And why not? making Doubles between us!:

Credits: jean-denis

Hope you liked our memories and thank you Jean-Denis for all the happy moments!*

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  1. atria007
    atria007 ·

    bonito articulo reina.. y que guapos los dos =) <3

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