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One of Lomography’s most iconic cameras, the Fisheye One and Two are mainstays in a Lomographer’s camera bag. If you’re on the fence about this amazing camera, let these reviews from the community sway you in the right direction.

Photo by themindseye

Snorkel Optional: The Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition by themindseye

Although this camera is designed for shooting from the hip (and who’s more hip than Hello Kitty), you can opt to take a peek through the viewfinder. Remarkably, this is an accurate viewfinder that also enables you to see whether or not the lens cap is covering the lens.

Credits: cruzron

Taking the Fisheye No. 2 for a Spin by cruzron

For the Fisheye, my advice is this: get in as close as you can, with as much light as you have. Even if your subject is less than a foot away, the wide angle of view that your Fisheye has will take care of you and do the heavy lifting. Learn to trust it to do what it does best and you’ll reap the rewards. Try it out!

Photo by bellatrice

Discover the Lomo World in Fisheye! by bellatrice

You can shoot very original photographs at 170°! You’ve dreamed of seeing the world through a circular window? The Fisheye camera has done it for you! Its wide-angle lens will lead you to come closer to your friends for beautiful portraits and allows you great opportunities for landscapes. Straight lines will be distorted on the sides and makes your head spin!

Credits: kevinhodur

Get Close: Taking a Dip with the Lomography Fisheye One Nautic by kevinhodur

The verdict? This is a small camera, easily a pocket camera, and yet the results are fun and fresh, and I find myself looking at my surroundings differently to take advantage of these awesome, circular shots. A great camera for a day out with friends or family, though the flash limitations might not make it the best night friend.

Credits: hervinsyah

The Reason Why I Bought the Lomography Fisheye 2 Camera by hervinsyah

The first reason I love this camera because it has a space edge look like the window of the ship, which the Fisheye 1 or any other fisheye lens or camera does not have. The other reason is I love circles. It gives us a different perspective from square frame.

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