Taking Back Tipsters: Making Lomo-Movies


Feeling a bit creative and want to give Scorsese a run for his money? Here’s a few Tipsters on making your own Lomo mini-movies!

In Lomography, there’s plenty of options in making movies. You have the multi-lens family of cameras that you can animate, and of course you have the Lomokino for that truly analogue movie making experience. In today’s Taking Back Tipsters, we’ve collected some of the community’s tips on making your photos come alive. Come have a look!

StereoKino: The Mission To Make A 3D Analogue Movie by stouf

What would be better than one Lomokino making a movie? Two of course! Find out how you can pull off making an analogue 3D movie in this Tipster.

Automatic Crop of Lomokino Frames by stouf

If you’re having trouble cropping your scanned Lomokino frames, don’t fret and look no further as stouf shares in great detail how to go about it correctly and efficiently.

Let's Set Our Pictures in Motion by simonesavo

If you aren’t sure how to animate your Supersampler and Actionsampler photos, here’s a simple step by step instruction manual on how you can make them come alive.

LomoKino Flashy Transformer Disco Show! by mrmaart

An electric drill together with the Lomokino sounds like a recipe for disaster, but we assure you that’s not the case in this Tipster!

LomoKino Holiday Shooting Tips by plasticpopsicle*

And since the holidays are fast approaching, here’s a couple of tips to make sure you have a merry time with your Lomokino!

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