Kipp Wettstein's Hand Built Large Format Point & Shoot Cameras


Shooting in large format is a cumbersome task, as it is usually confined to studio work. That is unless you have one of Kipp Wettstein’s custom point and shoot cameras!

Photo by Kipp Wettstein

It might seem unheard of to fashion a non-pinhole large format camera, but that is exactly what photographer Kipp Wettstein did. The idea was borne out of wanting to take his 19 pound Linhof view camera everywhere to shoot with. This of course is an impractical idea, so the gears in his head started turning.

Using aerospace aluminum and his father’s machine shop, he went to work. His cameras are beautiful as they are functional, as even world famous portrait photographer Martin Schoeller commissioned a camera from him. If it’s good enough for Schoeller, it’s definitely good for us!

Photo by Kipp Wettstein

written by cruzron on 2013-10-11 #lifestyle #diy #camera #large-format #4x5 #8x10 #kipp-wettstein

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