My First Memories of Being a Student


I was five years old when my mom first sent me to school.

This was our class picture. I’m the short-haired kid sitting right next to our teacher.

In June 1993, I attended the then newly-opened, small pre-school just a block away from our old house in Pateros, Metro Manila. So basically, that makes us the first batch taught by our teacher named Maricar and her assistant Lisa.

Given that two decades have already passed since then, there are now only a few memories that I can somehow remember clearly. These are some of them.

These photos were taken during our field trips. I’m pretty sure the ones taken at the zoo and the science center were from a different date than those taken in an indoor, pseudo-animal farm and the aquarium. The kids with me in some of the snapshots were two of my closest friends back then, Jamyl and Ismael.

This is a random snapshot of me and my classmates having fun in school. I thought I had more photos of such moments; unfortunately, I was unable to find them in the photo albums that we still have at home.

These are photos taken during our Christmas Party. I remember it being held at the rooftop of a small building in our town, with a bank located at the first floor. Anyway, this is one of the clearest memories I still have of kindergarten. I remember that we were made to sing “The Christmas Alphabet” in front of our parents, and that my line was “A is for the angels who make up the Christmas list”! A man dressed as Santa Claus was at the party, too, and gave us presents (that were, of course, from our parents!).

Lastly, these are some of the more decent shots we have of my graduation day. Decent, because the other photographs turned out too bright because of the sunlight. I don’t really recall much about this day, but seeing that photo of me and my classmates in funny hip-hop clothing (I’m the one in the orange shirt) reminded me of the days that we had to memorize our dance steps for the then very popular song “Macarena.” Now that I think more of it, our teachers back then liked to make us hold performances for our parents showcasing dances to the tune of pop music!

Unfortunately, I heard that my old school closed its doors a few years ago. From what I know, my teacher has already shifted careers and is now a chef. But up to this day I can still recall little things, like the bakery shop at the corner of the street where my school was that my mom buys me cupcakes from. How I cried one time because my mom wasn’t there when class was dismissed, but it only turned out that she bought me a slinky before getting me. Some of my classmates there eventually became my school mates when I transferred to the Catholic school also just a stone’s throw away from our home. I may not remember a lot anymore, but I can confidently state that I did have a lot of fun when I was in kindergarten!

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