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Let’s step away from the usual biographical films once more and draw our attention to a 2012 thriller film about a series of murders mirroring those in the stories by American author Edgar Allan Poe.

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When it comes to tales of terror and horror, the grotesque stories, poems, and novels of Edgar Allan Poe are certainly among the best. For his many works that tell of the mysterious and the macabre, the famed American author and poet remains an influential figure in popular culture, arts, music, television, and films. Among those that he inspired is a the 2012 thriller film The Raven, which starred John Cusack as the father of macabre literature.

Edgar Allan Poe (left) and his cinematic counterpart, John Cusack (right). Image via Imgur

The film borrows its title from a narrative poem of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in January 1845. Set in 1849 Maryland, the film explores the idea of Poe’s stories “inspiring” someone to commit a series of murders copied from the grisly tales. The policemen first find a murdered woman in her apartment, then a second corpse stuffed in the chimney. When Poe’s fiancée is kidnapped during her birthday party, the writer decides to work with seasoned detective to find out who the murderer is before it’s too late.

While the film’s plot is entirely fictional, the writers also weaved in some details of real situations from Edgar Allan Poe’s own mystery-shrouded death. For instance, the poet reportedly called out the name “Reynolds” repeatedly on the night before he passed away.

Watch the trailer for The Raven below:

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