Other Symbolist Masterpieces by Edvard Munch That Share the Haunting Beauty of The Scream


You know Edvard Munch by his painting The Scream, don’t you? Well, guess what, he had other paintings to match and create a full gallery on their own. See more of the master’s other paintings after the jump.

The painting titled The Scream made Edvard Munch a popular name in the world of art. As it should be, the painting depicted style and artistic vision all on its own with Munch’s signature painting style. His curved lines and the haunting expression of the man screaming on the bridge is part of its own mythos when it comes to art and its many other facets.

Photos via Huffington Post

But, Edvard Munch was not a one trick pony. The Scream may have been the highlight of his career but the Norwegian artist had more aces up his sleeve. Spotted via Huffington Post, here are some equally beautiful and undoubtedly handiworks by the master, Munch himself.

Other paintings included in the list depicted the world as Munch saw it. Characterized by his wild but controlled lines and the perspective is just all too familiar to miss. The screaming man that made the world go all wide eyed and gape mouthed along have his own relatives as well.

All information used in this article were sourced from Huffington Post.

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