Vincent Laforet's Film Photography Musings


Award-winning photographer Vincent Laforet, known for his video work using Canon’s 5D Mk2, joined Digital Rev’s Cheap Camera Challenge using a film camera. Here’s what he has to say about the experience!

In Digital Rev's Cheap Camera Challenge, they reach out to professional photographers and hand them a ‘cheap’ camera to use instead of the top of the line, high end cameras that they usually work with on a daily basis. These usually involve point & shoot cameras but Vincent Laforet, known for his work on Reverie, opted for a film camera, a Canon A2E and a Lens Baby lens to be precise.

The whole exercise had a lasting impression and spurred him to share his thoughts on how in this day and age of digital, we could all do with 26 exposures. Read on for his full blog post!

written by cruzron on 2013-10-11 #videos #lifestyle #film #camera #canon #youtube #digitalrevtv #vincent-laforet

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