Analogue Photography at the Delhi Photo Festival 2013


Here’s a selection of some of the finest analogue photographs exhibited at the Delhi Photo Festival 2013!

The *Delhi Photo Festival* is a biennial event held in New Delhi, India and is jointly organized by the India Habitat Centre and the Nazar Foundation. It aims to raise awareness and initiate dialogue among photography practitioners and enthusiasts. _Grace_ was the theme of this year’s event, which started last September 27 and is set to end today, as a tribute to the late fashion and fine-art photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta.

This year’s edition received 2,349 bodies of photographic work by 1,176 photographers from no less than 90 countries. Specifically, there had been 34 print exhibitions, one exhibition held as a tribute to the impact of Indian Cinema, two print exhibitions featuring works produced through the workshops at the event, and almost 50 digital projections. The exhibits were held at the India Habitat Centre, as well as art galleries around the city such as The National Gallery of Modern Art, Alliances Françaises, Japan Art Foundation, Photoink, and Nature Morte, to name a few.

In this feature, we’ll be sharing with you a few notable film photographs that were put up during the festival. These are works by Prabuddha, Sumit Dayal, and Rajiv Kumar of India, Dario Matić of Croatia, Truc-Anh Hua of Vietnam, and Flora of France.

‘Early work (late 1980s-1990s)’ by Prabuddha Dasgupta
‘Wish You Live Long’ by Sumit Dayal
‘Dhanushkodi’ by Rajiv Kumar
‘7 Days of Silence’ by Dario Matić
’21 Grams’ by Truc-Anh Hua
‘L’Ailleurs de l’Autre (The Elsewhere of the Other)’ by Flora

Aside from the exhibitions, various workshops and talks were also held. There was also a small exhibit curated by Sohrab Hura featuring self-published books from South East Asia as part of their aim to put emphasis on book making within photography. More, the Nazar Foundation also launched its first Nazar Photography Monograph. It’s a series of photography books, the first of which was “Home.Street.Home” featuring “the work of Vicky Roy, of his life and that of his friends on the street and at the Salaam Balak Trust.”

All information and photos featured in this article were provided to Lomography by the Festival Secretariat, Anshika Varma of the Nazar Foundation. Learn more about the Delhi Photo Festival 2013 here.

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